The hospitality industry relies heavily on providing an excellent level of service.

Regardless of the type of business we know that you want to reflect your greatness upon your customers, so they will return time and time again.

Working in both Business to Business and Business to Consumer and our sole aim is to help you reflect your greatness and ours as well.

Mirror Installs has defining elements and strong values that set us apart from similar businesses. Right from the start, we will take everything on board, from your specifications to time management.

We’re aiming to be the ‘come to company’ that gets the job done and correct to a very high standard the first time!

First of all we offer installations from bespoke mirror products to bathroom mirrors within all areas of the hospitality sector such as hotels, health care, offices and hospitals to name only a few.

Undertaking both large and small contracts nationwide and pride ourselves on being the ‘go to’ mirror company for all your requirements.

Our commitment to high quality, consistent professionalism and impeccable service is second to none. We aim to forge relationships with all our customers to meet their needs that will last a long time in to the future.

  • We welcome tenders/projects of all sizes.
  • Offering very competitive prices
  • Complete transparency. No hidden costs.
  • We also offer a 3 year guarantee.