Is installing my own arena mirrors advisable?

Although budget again depicts this option, we would always recommend that we install your arena mirrors.  This way your three year guarantee is not affected.  Our engineers install arena mirrors day in and day out.

If you don’t correctly install the structure, you could be risking your investment.  A slight gust of wind could end up cracking the mirrors if the structure is not true and the arena mirrors are VERY heavy.

However, if you do go down this route we can advise you on the structure. The mirrors are then only covered buy a one-year guarantee.


Do you do site surveys?

We do offer free site surveys if required.

Not every installation however will need a site survey, you can send over photos for us to assess the site if required.

Before placing an order we will need to know a few things in order to ensure that your installation goes smoothly and 9 times out of 10 they do, however we must stipulate, if you do not have a site survey It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the ground on which the structure is to be installed is not rock or solid ground. The surface must be soil or clay. If the ground is rock or solid ground we may not be able to carry out the installation, and the cost for a digger will be the customers responsibility and expense, or the installation may not be able to take place.  We require access for a large van to be able to park as near to the arena as possible.  Access to water and electric is ideal but not a problem at all if there isn’t any.


How many mirrors should I have?

The choice of how many arena mirrors you should have/need is obviously always yours.

One mirror is always better than none, but we recommend as a good starting point to have three horizontal arena mirrors situated on your short side on your centre line.  When having horizontal mirrors installed, you ideally need an odd number, so that this prevents you riding towards a join in the mirror, thus giving you the best view and use of the mirrors.

To add to this configuration, having a vertical mirror placed at either side in the corners of the short side really does help viewing the full frontal of your horse while riding down the long side of your arena.

Your options are limitless depending again on your needs and budget.  We can install just one arena mirror or a full short side of vertical mirrors.


Help, I’ve already bought the mirrors but they’ve not been installed yet!

Have you purchased arena mirrors from another company and you are still waiting for them to be hung?  No problem, we can install these for you as long as they are fit for purpose (no sheets of mirror, and must be backed and framed for safety purposes).  Call us or use the form below for a quote.  You will receive a three year guarantee on our structure only*.