Why purchase equestrian arena mirrors?

  • Do you have eyes watching you from the ground for most of your training?
  • How you feel when riding is not necessarily how you look.
  • Have you picked up some bad habits?

Strategically placed equestrian arena mirrors make a rider more independent and able to work on their own without the need for a trainer 24/7. It is imperative to have horse and rider alignment in order to reflect your greatness.

Why were arena mirrors invented? Mirrors cannot lie…

Equestrian arena mirrors really do help you to check your position as it happens.  Learn to ride at your best and move your riding level up that grade scale! You can adjust your position with on-the-spot correction, improving your accuracy and getting better results.

Equestrian arena mirrors are the best solution to aid in your training needs and once installed you will wonder how you ever managed without them! Training arena mirrors are a must have for any horse owner. Now you can have arena mirrors installed without breaking the bank.

Depending on your budget and requirements we offer 6mm Prestige Arena mirrors and 4mm Classic Arena mirrors. We can either supply and install or just deliver our own mirrors for you to install. They are manufactured in house using locally sourced British materials.

About Equestrian Arena mirrors from Mirror Installs

  • Choose from either 6mm or 4mm thick 8ft x 4ft arena mirrors, backed and framed complete with installation brackets/tilt mechanism.  These can be hung either vertically (portrait), or horizontally (landscape).
  • Planibel Clearvision is our mirror of choice when crystal clear vision and clarity count. This is a low-iron high-quality glass offering maximum reflection with minimal warping or distortion no matter the climate which means our arena mirrors are of exceptional quality. Planibel Clear has unparalleled light transmission of 92% and excellent colour rendering or CRI. (**CRI is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colours of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source). We use both 4mm thick and 6mm safety backed Planibel Clear mirror conforming to BS EN 12600.  The mirror is manufactured for us and we source suppliers that have the same environmental integrity that we do. Our mirror conforms to the going green approach and is certified as ‘cradle to cradle’, Leed and DoP accredited. Our mirrors conform to European quality standards EN 1036-1 and EN 1036-2 and are produced in factories with ISO 9001 certification.
  • The shock resistant safety backed 8ft x 4ft Planibel Clearvision mirror (6mm or 4mm thick) is layered and sandwiched within a hot dipped galvanised steel housing helping to prevent water ingress; this surrounds not only the mirror but also a thick foam ‘anti shock’ padded layer (creating an impact core).
  • The addition of the foam enables the arena mirror to absorb any shock, thus greatly reducing breakages. If breakages do occur, the safety backing on the mirror will keep any shards of glass in place, so you don’t need to worry about glass falling off and causing injury to you or your horse. The final layer is a backing of steel giving longevity against the elements. The overall unit is weather retardant and a very sturdy, durable item which is why we guarantee them for three years.

* Any tarnishing of the mirror that does occur should be after many years of use (any mirror on the market will tarnish in time when being used outside).  We can then come along for a small fee and replace the mirror, bringing it back to that brand-new crystal clear look again.  Our arena mirrors are fit for both indoor and outdoor applications.

About our timber structures

  • All our our structures are made using tanalised pressure treated posts and rails and are all produced from sustainable British forests.
  • We use 4 x 4 tanalised posts and 4 x 4 tanalised timber.

How many mirrors should you have?

The choice of how many arena mirrors you should have/need is obviously always yours.

One mirror is always better than none, but we recommend as a good starting point to have three horizontal arena mirrors situated on your short side on your centre line.  When having horizontal mirrors installed, you ideally need an odd number, so that this prevents you riding towards a join in the mirror, thus giving you the best view and use of the mirrors.

To add to this configuration, having a vertical mirror placed at either side in the corners of the short side really does help viewing the full frontal of your horse while riding down the long side of your arena.

Your options are limitless depending again on your needs and budget.  We can install just one arena mirror or a full short side of vertical mirrors.

Is installing your own arena mirrors advisable?

Although budget again dictates this option, we would always recommend that we install your arena mirrors.  This way your three year guarantee is not affected.  Our engineers install arena mirrors day in and day out.

If you don’t correctly install the structure, you could be risking your investment.  A slight gust of wind could end up cracking the mirrors if the structure is not true and the arena mirrors are VERY heavy.

However, if you do go down this route we can advise you on the structure. The mirrors are then only covered buy a one-year guarantee.

Site surveys

We do offer free site surveys if required.

Not every installation however will need a site survey, you can send photos over for us to assess the site if required.

Before placing an order we will need to know a few things in order to ensure that your installation goes smoothly and 9 times out of 10 they do, however we must stipulate that if you do not have a site survey it is the customers responsibility to ensure that the ground on which the structure is to be installed is not rock or solid ground. The surface must be soil or clay. If the ground is rock or solid ground we may not be able to carry out the installation, and the cost for a digger will be the customers responsibility and expense, or the installation may not be able to take place.  We require access for a large van to be able to park as near to the arena as possible.  Access to water and electric is ideal but not a problem at all if there isn’t any.

Please check out our guarantee here. We also have full public liability insurance.

If required, we can install and erect any arena mirror from any manufacturer.

Have you purchased arena mirrors from another company and you are still waiting for them to be hung?  No problem, we can install these for you as long as they are fit for purpose (no sheets of mirror, and must be backed and framed for safety purposes).  Call us or use the form below for a quote.  You will receive a three year guarantee on our structure only*.

Our services

We offer installation of arena mirrors all over the U.K and we cater for both outdoor and indoor applications.  Mirrors Installs offers the following services:

*Arena Mirrors supply only 8ft x 4ft 

*Structural kit (required to hang the arena mirrors yourself) Supply only

*Supply and install Arena Mirrors to your requirements in your indoor arena

*The Supply and install arena mirrors and a structure to your outdoor arena

*Supplying and erecting the structure for an outdoor arena and hang other manufacturers arena mirrors for you (as long as the mirrors are safe and fit for purpose).

*Site surveys if the project requires it.

Current offers

For our very best prices either call us, check out our offers and competitions page or our social media pages, where you will find any up to date offers and competitions.

If you’d like a quote please fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you asap.